A Hacker's Journey: from Cook to Chef

0 Introduction

From Iron Chef, we can see a top notch chef is really somebody who can build a project to prepare a feast from start to finish without personal assistance, while cooks usually prepare food according to the recipe. Is that true? A Chef not only cooks, but they can make a show like an art and inspire other people too.

Usually, a startup hacker wears many hats. No matter what his professional advantage is; he may be weak in other areas. For example, he could be a coding king or an IT queen, but he is a cook for database administration. He could be a chef database administrator while being a cook for Linux administration. Don't laugh at cooks. We can always grow to be a chef if we want.

"Code is poetry." Who said that? I believe that the fundamental difference between a cook and a chef is not the skills, it is the art of his thinking. No matter if you are an amateur, a hobbyist, a skilled worker, a professional or a chef hacker of coding, you can think of coding as an art. Then it wouldn't be too hard to become a chef hacker in every area, even though it does not happen overnight.